Sexy, handsome and also very talented british actor.
A: Whos that very hot man in Inception

B: He is Tom Hardy
by mrs. scorsese September 15, 2011
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To do a "Tom Hardy" is to have enough confidence in your own ability as a human and the sheer arrogance to refute the need of any form of social media/app to attract a member of the opposite sex.
"So are you on tinder/twitter?"

I hate to do a "Tom Hardy" but I don't need that to get a shag.
by admicu April 15, 2014
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A British actor who is also the leader of the Church of the Palm, known as the king of palms his followers are considered the "Sexually Frustrated Palm Cult", Established in 2011.
Q: Who is Tom Hardy?
A:Tom Hardy is the king of palms.
by Bryce Howard January 7, 2012
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The utmost undeniably attractive actor to ever walk the earth. He is, similar to God, above us all and all women with a good taste in men fall at his feet. Oh yeah, and he’s a great actor.
by embussolo November 26, 2018
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i Love youuu really x
Tom hardy Ps... I love your plump buttocks😂
by Jamieee03 August 26, 2019
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Tom hardy is a plain and boring person who is usually known to be small in every way(cough cough...hint hint).
Most likely to be a virgin for their whole life and for fun likes to knit.
Their idea of banging tunes are who let the dogs out and u can’t touch this...
They spend most nights alone due to their lack of mates and consequently leaves them without a girl in their life...usually leading to them questioning their sexuality.
They are also well known for carrying diseases like maggot infestation...the only pros of getting with some hunk of a dude called Tom hardy is that he has plump buttocks.
Your such a Tom hardy right now...
by Jamieee03 August 26, 2019
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When you have so much chew in your mouth you start speaking like Tom Hardy from The Revenant.
Kyle was packing a Tom Hardy I had no idea what he was saying the whole night.
by erferfin February 12, 2022
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