A state of mind in which you think up ridiculous ideas which at the time seem to make perfect sense but upon review at a later time are revealed as complete nonsense and are usually quite humoress. This can be be attributed to drug use, lack of sleep, or any similar effects.
My mind was a total Wasteland when I wrote down: "The monkeys, ARE TALKING!"
by Sid August 9, 2003
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Wasteland commonly referred to as your Butt-Hole.
Fantasy doom can only come to those who enter my wasteland and once you enter my realm, you will hear the thunder, you will see the lightning you will feel the fire and then you will know my reign is true...
by Ameri-Do-Te November 11, 2015
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Dude#1 - "I had to drive through that Wasteland today"

Dude#2 - "you mean Detroit?"
by dudehata12 April 13, 2010
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A "Wasteland" is an alternate name for a Butt-hole, Rectum, Anus, Rusty Sheriff's Badge or Chocolate Start fish. It is generally dark, dank, smelly and moist.
Welcome to my wasteland where you will hear my thunder, see my lightening, and feel my wrath imposed upon you.
by Ameri-Do-Te November 5, 2015
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A 160 page novel written by Francesca Lia Block. Involves incest, love, siblings, and suicide.
I just finished reading 'Wasteland'. It was actually really depressing in a sense. Poetically depressing. A lot of emotion coursed through those words on these pages, giving you an almost inside depth into these characters minds...at least for me anyway. Despite the short length (took me about half an hour to read), the story itself makes up for it. I can see the reason why so many summaries written about this book say its aimed for more sophisticated readers. With the authors writing style, and with the plot as well, which deals with a sensitive subject, incest, it makes the reason quite evident already. Overall, I just like the book, the idea, everything. I don't like reviews that reveals the whole plot...so, I just recommended you to read this book if you like stories with depth, and raw emotion.
by xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx February 16, 2006
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A person who not only loves freaking out at the annual end-of-days, blast zone celebration known as Wasteland Weekend, but carries that love into the rest of the year, enjoying things such as, (but not limited to), Mad Max, Fallout, The Blood of Heroes, and getting together/finding other Wastelanders to revel in the sun-scorched, bleach-boned, spiked-leather goodness of the post-apocalypse.
After months of raiding, the Wastelanders are gathering and headed to the Mojave to revel in madness and exult in their spoils.
by liveMike May 19, 2013
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Having sexual intercourse while playing music from the Fallout game series in the background.
"Dude, I spent last night Wastelanding." "Awesome, I always do it better to some Bob Crosby."
by Justafriend July 13, 2016
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