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1. another name for heroin

2. hottest black chick in the world
Oh, Black Betty (Bam-ba-Lam)
Whoa, Black Betty (Bam-ba-Lam)
She really gets me high (Bam-ba-Lam)
You know that's no lie (Bam-ba-Lam)
by edward_pumpernickel April 24, 2005
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a AC-130 spectre gunship.There armed with 20 MM cannon,40MM bofers cannon,
and a 105MM howitzer.There painted in Black radar reflective paint.Hence the
name "Black Betty"
In 1981 CIA agents Joe and Bradley are in a shell hole on the Cambodian border.The PAVN (Peoples Army of Vietnam) attack.Joe gets on the radio and says "Help Black Betty" "OK,mark your position with a Infa red Strobe" "OK".
"Hey Bradley do you like having sex with big black girls?" "What's that got to with our current situation?" "Black Bettys going to bust a nut get your ass down and start munchin mud" "Black Betty shows up and the 6000 round a minute M61A1 20 mm cannon puts I round into each square foot of a football field sized area. Joe says "I should of stayed in the Marine Corps it was safer there."
by Joedecop September 19, 2014
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Black betty is a footlong mammoth dildo capable of extreme damage to clitoral regions. Always make sure that when inserting the 5 inch diameter dildo into your vagina or rectum to be well lubricated as well as a dirty ass whore.
"I can feel black betty hitting my throat, Oh, im sorry, il put it all in this time."
by CHICKEN PIRATE March 25, 2003
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Any caricature of a woman by the name of Betty who is inherently evil or gives you the evil eye (aka the stinky eye) or looks at you with daggers in her eyes. I knew such a woman. She went about like a roaring lion (or like the devil himself) to see whom she could devour. No one was safe when she was on the prowl & anyone could be trampled underfoot by her or run roughshod all over at a moment's notice.
Before I even knew who she was, I could sense someone staring at me & when I looked to see who it was, there this vile woman stood, from the far side of the room, looking at me as though she could finish me in just one look & as if looks could kill. I inquired as to her name & was told it was Betty & immediately the song Black Betty by Ram Jam came to mind.

Had Black Betty ever had a child, Black Betty's child probably ran wild just to get the HELL away from Black Betty, running in fearful asymmetry as far and fast as his or her little legs could carry him or her!

Black Betty is the kind of woman, of whom you can't help but wonder how she even got a husband, much less kept him. The kind of man who is completely emasculated, spineless & without backbone who keeps shrugging apologetically for his wife's deplorable behavior.

The kind of blackness that is under the guise & garb of being religious or more like Pentecostal/Charismatic pseudo-religious to boot while trying to shove one's own ugly version of religion down everyone's throat & out the back of their neck. But not without also assaulting people's character, making sweeping value judgments about others, always having a hidden agenda & scaring small children first.
by JoliEsprit February 25, 2013
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Black Betty is actually a brand of rice or some sort of food product, with a old black woman's face on it that I saw when I was in Austria.
Hey what do ya wanna eat tonight?

Some black betty with chicken.
by zup April 09, 2005
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when a man is giving to a girl real good doggy style, then proceeds to tell her he is about to cum. when she turns around he punches her in one eye, and while she is still recovering, he blows his load in her other eye.
You bitch, you gave me a black betty and now i can't see at all!
by sparr0w March 29, 2006
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