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At first, gunships were naval vessels sporting guns, very simple. In more recent history, the term gunship has been aplied to aircraft. The role of a modern gunship is to get as much ordinance on the target as possible and blow the shit out of the enemy. Gunships come in the form of both fixed wing aircraft and helicopters. Gunships are usually based on a designasted gunship frame (the AH-64 Apache)or off cargo style craft that have been modified for the purpose (AC-47 Spooky).
The US military uses the gunship for close air support and shock and awe missions. The gunship is usually in support of other units. They circle or patrol a certain area and unleash hell as needed.
by northendwhitetrash June 02, 2007
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usually refers to an attack helicopter but may also refer to any other combat aircraft, used in a military meaning only
"Yesterday morning, a US gunship hit a group of Iraqi militants and additionally killed four uninvolved civilians."

"Dave has told me that his father has been in the US Army for ten years serving as a gunship pilot."

"I really can't believe Anthony has been sitting in his Abrams the whole time trying to hit that gunship with the tank's main cannon that day in Battlefield 2."
by BulligerVerstand January 28, 2007
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If you see something cool, it should be referred to as a real gunship, or a muthafuckin gunship, or nice gunship etc.

Originally from Persist via 12stone
I once peed on 10 cars in one go.

wow dude, that's totally gunship.
by stinky April 22, 2004
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