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A career US marine after a war ends who keeps reenlisting and makes the corps
his home.It stands for Lazy Ignorant Fuck Expecting Retirement.

Not to be confused with professional US marines that love the Marine Corps and
stay because its their chosen profession. LIFERS stay because they sit around,
don't do shit,Spit shine their boots and kiss the officers asses.They fuck the working dedicated marines every chance they get.
Sgt.Wright is a LIFER. He couldn't hold down a civilian job at Mickey dees.
by Joedecop September 20, 2014
Triple Nine is Heroin Number 1.The first stage of refining diacetylmorphine(Heroin)

Its lso called Heroin Base. Its easier to smuggle than opium because it
doesn't smell as strong as opium.
Agent Bradley said to agent Joe "We just got another guy with a couple keys of Tripple Nine" "Is he a queen fan?" I dunno" "Go play Another One Bites the dust to
him, see if he is".
by Joedecop September 20, 2014
the passenger jet from Europe to the Caribbean. White female sex tourists go to the Caribbean for the black guys. Milk bottles need filling.
by Joedecop September 22, 2014
a AC-130 spectre gunship.There armed with 20 MM cannon,40MM bofers cannon,
and a 105MM howitzer.There painted in Black radar reflective paint.Hence the
name "Black Betty"
In 1981 CIA agents Joe and Bradley are in a shell hole on the Cambodian border.The PAVN (Peoples Army of Vietnam) attack.Joe gets on the radio and says "Help Black Betty" "OK,mark your position with a Infa red Strobe" "OK".
"Hey Bradley do you like having sex with big black girls?" "What's that got to with our current situation?" "Black Bettys going to bust a nut get your ass down and start munchin mud" "Black Betty shows up and the 6000 round a minute M61A1 20 mm cannon puts I round into each square foot of a football field sized area. Joe says "I should of stayed in the Marine Corps it was safer there."
by Joedecop September 20, 2014
a natives of Trinidad and Tobago. The immigrants from this island nation are known to be industrious and adaptive. They fit in almost anywhere. They come to the US
and in a couple of years they have degrees and careers. That's the trick.
"Quick we gotta sell the house a black family moved in next door" "Relax Archie
their Trickadadians" "Thank god Edith send them a pie"
by Joedecop September 22, 2014
The New York State Vehicle and traffic law section for going the wrong way on a one way street. It means in police speak you are a one way or selfish person.
"Damn, Lieutenant Dunce ate all the donuts and refused to buy more"" "That's cold blooded he's really 1172A (One Way)
by Joedecop September 22, 2014
A term used by police in Mount Vernon NY (Murderville) for chasing black folks off of the corners. Otherwise you have to listen to their soul full lament (Ghetto Blasters) and clean up the dead bodies in the morning which is VERY annoying.

Derived from walking up to a fish pond where the mud frogs are hanging out. They see you and jump in the water to keep from getting caught.
Sergeant Joe said to police officer Mario "Get to mud frogging I can't hear the police radio over this rap music"
by Joedecop September 21, 2014