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it happend no lie

no lie
by kunsak July 03, 2005
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The most beautiful, funny, smart and perfect girl anyone could ask for. She is perfect in every single way, if you have a Nolie as a girlfriend you are so lucky and you should always give her everything you have to keep her in your life because you do NOT want to lose a Nolie.
Person A : "Woah do you see that sexy girl over there?"
Person B: "Yeah I think thats Nolie Giles she's the most perfect girl in this whole school"
Person A: "OH I've heard of her that Kieran guy is sure lucky"
by Kieran____ May 12, 2018
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A girl that has brown hair, brown eyes, and short. They love animals especially reptiles and they tend to be slightly crazier then most people. They are demanding and love dounuts.
Wow Nolie is so demanding

I know but she is fun
by Jfvnffjj November 18, 2018
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