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Breathalyzer is a device used to detect the breath alcohol concentration in people. They are used by law enforcement, clinics, workplaces, and individual consumers. You can find them at
I was pulled over and the police officer administered a breathalyzer on me.
by breathalyzer man February 05, 2009
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Satan in electronic form. If you go to Leysin American School, you are subjected to a breathalyzer every friday and saturday night, resulting in early morning drinking, drinking on school nights, or being expelled.
roxy: why were you expelled?
kat: i drank past 4pm!
roxy: oh crap they have breathalyzers at LAS!
by fckbreathalyzing July 25, 2009
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california gay policeman get off when using breathalyzer
to start breathalyzer test we want you to wrap your lips around this tube. Now blow, suck, blow, suck, take a deeper breath now blow harder, you need to keep you lips tight on the tube, now blow, suck. Fine, You have the right to remain silent if you say anything we will rerun test...

( cops should ask if you would like police women run test )

by itichie_nocanpo June 25, 2006
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when a girl is giving you head and you lightly hold her head (so she can breathe) and fart, this forces her to breathe through her mouth (while your dick is still in her mouth) so she doesnt smell the fart.
the blonde chick had to complete a beathalyzer test for the officer.
by the December 26, 2004
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