Something black men think is huge and constantly need to tell you said thoughts. In reality, not any bigger than anyone else's.
Jerome wouldn't shut the fuck up about how big his black penis was, so one day after gym I yanked the shower curtain back, exposing his little black needle dick. No wonder his black girlfriend is now with Tom.
by douchebagman00 June 6, 2011
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The most lied about penis in the world; one which, in reality, is on average no bigger than any other race's penis. Often times they'll revert to making fake, 22 inch penises on porn sites just so that, at first glance, everyones like HOLY HELL, but then realizes that not only would the lack of circulation caused by a 22 inch penis' erection kill a man, but also that you can see his tiny, black dick and balls underneath the fake dick he attempted to stick them in.
Black guy: Uuuuu wh1te boiz be jealous of my black penis.
White guy: Why?
Black guy: B3cuz it be so long n th1ck LOLZ.
White guy: Well... you don't have much of a buldge considering you wear your pants below your dick...
Black guy cries and runs away
by Trutherstein December 22, 2009
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A very long and big penis, most of the time uncut (uncircumised) and belongs to a black male. Most of the times, the black penis is the largest penis in the world.
My friend Addicus, has a big penis! Because he is black! That is why he has a black penis.
by Guy With Big Penis August 1, 2007
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As you can see from the other definitions on this page, black penis has been the object of envy of the white man since the dawn of time. Black people's genetic superiority has always evoked a lot of resentment and jealousy from whitey, in fear that their women would not concern themselves with little pink dick after sampling effective BBC. The black male is rightly seen as the epitome of masculinity thanks to their superior genetics and larger than average sexual appendage
Whitey 1: Hey dude, why do Katie and all her friends hang out with Daquan and the rest of the football team
Whitey 2 : I don't know dude bro, I heard they tried big black penis at the last party and they really have no interest in me and the rest of the wiggers anymore.
Whitey 1: Fuck that bro! LEt's just call them mudsharks to feel better about our small white penises
Whitey 2: Lmao Yeah I guess that would help make me feel better about being an inadequate whitey

They both start walking, knowing both well that deep down they are envious and jealous of the genetically superior black penis
by GeneticallySuperiorNigga August 6, 2018
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A topic about which there has been a lot of misinformation, myth, fear, and nervous joking.

Many people have it that the "average" penis length of an adult African-American is close to eight inches or more.

Actually, statistics gathered in the USA indicate that on average black men were indeed longer than whites and Hispanics in that area -- but only by about one-third of an inch. Black men have the longest penises, and the shortest. For American men (all races), the average length is about 5 and two-thirds inches, for black men about five and three-quarter inches. The reason the measure of black men did not "swell" the average by a full third-of an-inch is that African-American adult men, as a statistical minority, had fewer men measured as a group than whites and Hispanics, and thus were underweighted in dragging up the average.
So if you're concerned about black penis length -- don't be.

And don't be upset if your would-be Mandingo turns out to be an Average Joe -- he is more likely that than not.

by al-in-chgo March 14, 2010
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Just like the boogy man, the big black penis is something we're all scared of, even if it's really not out there.
Mommy! There's a big black penis hiding in my closet!

Calm down Timmy, thats just a normal black penis hiding in your closet.
by FuryFrenzy November 14, 2007
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