1. Like a quickie, but quick-er
Sally: Quickie? I only have two minutes.
John: Well how about a quicker?
by Kyle Campbell21 January 6, 2008
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To drop your pants in a park, lie down, put french fries on your balls and let the seagulls eat the fries.
Max pulled a quicker.
by Tolan April 20, 2006
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When something is so quick, it is too quick to think of using the correct English.
Qadeer: A real Lamborghini is more quicker than my hotwheels one
by FitzgeraldAkbar August 24, 2018
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A liquor quicker dicker is one who uses alcoholic beverages to aid in fast seduction.
Juan found the ladies much compliant after cocktails; he was called a liquor quicker dicker at the bar.
by I, Wreckerrr October 5, 2016
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Classy: Prior to self ejaculation one applies a condom to his penis to release his seminal fluid, no clean up required...

Ghetto: Throw a rubber on your shit and beat the meat til you load that shit up and throw that bitch out. I ain't bout that cleaning shit.
Hey man you shouldn't keep that rubber in your wallet, it makes it less effective... No worries dude I'm just using it for a quicker picker upper (qPu)
by Sindora11 February 26, 2015
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To be the most powerful of them all.
When thanos has all the stones and bane offers him peanuts. Thanos takes the peanuts and begins absorbing them, staring bain in the eyes and says “you gotta be quicker than that buddy”
by MoldyMolson>FrostyMolson March 5, 2022
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