Referring to one's penis. Usually large in size. Used primarily as a slang term.
You ain't got nothin' on this mandingo!" Girl 1- "Girl, his mandingo was thiiiis big!" Girl 2- "gasp!
by Luanda Guth April 1, 2011
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A big black man with a large penis. Often paid to provide sexual relief to ones wife
Bro, how has Lamar got a all that cash after a week off? Heard he's a mandingo.
by deftoneschris April 29, 2013
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A penis that exceeds 12 inches.
My mandingo could probably choak a land dwelling mammal.
by David April 5, 2005
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A monstrously huge penis, exceeding at least 12 inches in length. Best covered with baggy blue athletic sweats.
Sally: "I am so fucking sore from last night, and i get around... i mean this shouldn't happen."
Jane: "What did you expect, Ralph sports a Mandingo under those goofy sweats."
by Hottie March 10, 2005
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A black male with the powers to attract the opposite sex.Has no bounderies
That gals a jezzey its time 4 mandingo
by Micheal November 18, 2003
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Term used for black male slaves who were used in blood sport fights against other slaves at the bidding of their masters. Sport was arranged for spectator entertainment and betting by slave-owners.
The Mandingo has won 6 matches in a row by smashing the other slaves' skull in with a hammer. His master has earned more than $3000 with each win.
by Sk04L January 6, 2013
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