How idiots spell the word "bulge."
"hay im sexy hav u seen my buldge??"

"You're an idiot. That isn't how you spell bulge."
by datSato September 05, 2009
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When a bulge is caused by a "d", it becomes a buldge.
*notices your buldge* OwO What's this...
by huh? meh... September 14, 2017
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the state in which one's eyes become glossy and red, one's stomach calls for food and one's brain cannot find the words. an extreme state of high. the term 'buldge' is used when said stoner realizes after about five minutes that they've been a.)rambling or b.) silent. typically, the pothead's eyes and mouth will open wide, followed by a large gasp of air and with the exhale "BULDGEEE"
by emmmmmily February 16, 2011
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