Verb - to steal from someone or someplace
I totally yanked those dvds from bestbuy
by Fitz Bailey April 17, 2006
"Yanked", or "Yanking" is a reference made to an action taken with great effort that does not actually benefit the person or people directly performing the action. It is a reference to how americans are frequently and unjustly blamed for actions their government makes them perform, actions which do not benefit americans but in fact primarily are of benefit to more powerful non-national global organizations.
All the work, all the blame, none of the loot! You've been Yanked!
by catbyte August 25, 2012
dude last night i totally got yanked in the corner by that hot blonde
by d vern August 12, 2007
my boy was so yanked he thought some one stole his last rock.
by Jimmy Jammer April 29, 2003
tired; unmotivated; emotionally drained
"last day of exams got me yanked"
by blurbmebaby May 8, 2020
To violently pull away a scrawny white boy by a male cock block, which is straight.
Yo man, rob totally got yanked by solomon. Did you see his eyes pop out.
What somebody does to your ticket in Clarify when they want to piss you off.
by Hhehe July 31, 2003