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As you can see from the other definitions on this page, black penis has been the object of envy of the white man since the dawn of time. Black people's genetic superiority has always evoked a lot of resentment and jealousy from whitey, in fear that their women would not concern themselves with little pink dick after sampling effective BBC. The black male is rightly seen as the epitome of masculinity thanks to their superior genetics and larger than average sexual appendage
Whitey 1: Hey dude, why do Katie and all her friends hang out with Daquan and the rest of the football team
Whitey 2 : I don't know dude bro, I heard they tried big black penis at the last party and they really have no interest in me and the rest of the wiggers anymore.
Whitey 1: Fuck that bro! LEt's just call them mudsharks to feel better about our small white penises
Whitey 2: Lmao Yeah I guess that would help make me feel better about being an inadequate whitey

They both start walking, knowing both well that deep down they are envious and jealous of the genetically superior black penis
by GeneticallySuperiorNigga August 06, 2018

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