poo, shit, crap, turd, feces, excrement
Q: Why did Tigger look in the toilet?

A: To look for black dick!
by Barack_Obama April 17, 2008
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Dream of every soccer mom. Because size does matter.
Sara dreamed about being impaled by huge black dick
by dildo777 January 5, 2017
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a very large hunk of meat between a black mans legs a average black dick is 9in long and very thick being larger then a white boys white genarlly hate blacks for this but white women love them for not only is black dick bigger but dure to the excess oil or somrthing make by blacks they taste better and thier cum is more and thicker and they can go longer too
most blacks have more then a 9 in black dick
by tiff6969 December 29, 2009
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The penis of a male of african decent, it is a common misconception to think the penis of an African male is larger than a Caucasian Males. Valid studies have shown the average size of a black dick is 6 inches, while the average size of a white one if 5.5 inches, thus the black dick on average is only .5 of an inch bigger than a white dick, which is not a huge difference
"Black dick is a slang term of a penis of a male of African decent"
by anonnnymousss September 4, 2009
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A competitive advantage of the black male.

The preferred diet of skeezers.

It's reputation precedes it. Something that has a mythical aura about it that attracts women of all ethnicities.

Something that many women want to try. White women have shown an affinity for it. Indian women openly say its disgusting, but behind closed doors want to try it.

One of the three things that allows one to acquire multiple sexual partners, the other two being low standards and high volume targeting of skeezers.
Guy: Hi baby, are you hungry?
Girl: Yeah baby, I'm starved.
Guy: Do you like chocolate?
Girl: I love chocolate, but in addition to dessert I also want to have full course appetizer and entree.
Guy: I have something that is big enough to satisfy all of that and then some.
Girl: What?
Guy: Black Dick!!!
Girl: Ewwwwwww.
Guy: You know you just want to fuck me. Guaranteed good times. Bend over, it's time for me to serve you, doggystyle, black dick!!!
Girl: Black Dick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, Nooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Guy: Shut your mouth and hold on tight, I'm taking you for a ride you won't soon forget, it's no regular dick, it's black dick!!!!!!!!!!!!!, big black dick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Poonster123 July 25, 2011
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An exclamation used by women (generally caucasian) to imply a sense of triumph or one-upwomanship over others. Its origin evolved out of the sense of having bested one's peers that most females feel once they've intiated a relationship with a black male possessing superior genitalia. It is now used generically in reference to any situation where they have surpassed or out-performed other women in some way.
Jacky: OMG Linda, did you get breast implants too?

Linda: Ya, I figured if I was going to go through with it, I might as well go big, so I got me some D cups.

Jacky: Wow, I just went from an A to a C. Damn!

Linda: Black dick, bitch!

Jane: I can't believe Jacky and Linda both got implants in the same week.

Sandy: Ya isn't it crazy? Jacky was devastated when she found out Linda had gotten D cups.

Jane: Yep, Linda totally black dicked her.
by szsmll August 14, 2010
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by PUSSYSLAYA123 October 2, 2017
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