In mainland China, you had the 五毛党(50c party) that basically just posted propaganda comments for the low low price of 50c. Years and years of doing so resulted in regular people conducting such prestigious tasks for free. These are known as the "little pink", pinkys, 小粉红
pajeet: "haha, yo zhou take a look, it is xijinping and he looks like a chutiya!"
kyle: "yeeee hawww, aint he lork jus lyke winne da poo!"
little pink zhou: "法克鱼(phonetic sound for fuck you)!foreigner! you roll(滚) back to your country! A-meh-li-ka! You have slave before, we have slave now. It's ok la! cnmb!
by heijingcha May 19, 2021
This is a slang name for the vagina, ala "she will take me for a ride in her little pink car!"
Ride us in your little pink car!
by I, Wreckerrr July 13, 2021
1.A cute saying for clitoris.
2.A word that could be used with inuendo.
It's hard to find, but when you do, push it and it's BLAST OFF BABY!^_^ guys PLEASE take note.
by Jotaku December 22, 2004
From the film "Chasing Amy":
A group of lesbians
"wont the little pink mafia be pissed off if they find out you need a man to open that jar of peanut butter?"
by kid_1745 November 7, 2007
Another word for sampling different men. Like the little pink spoons you get from Baskin Robbins.
Yeah, I added to my Little pink spoon collection
by Fluterbi123 July 15, 2009
Probably the hottest freshman in Texas. Known to wear alot of pink.
Little Pink makes me hard!
by czerka December 2, 2004
A term used to describe a woman's vagina
"Do you know that girl I went to meet last night? I tickled her little pink prawn"
by RoastedBeffNut April 21, 2019