a bitch and a ho combined in one generally a prostitute who is such a bitch
Sam: Aye, what did you do last night bro.
Timmy: I had sex with this bitcho
Timmy: She made give her all my money.
by daenerys targaryen January 17, 2015
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"Awesome!" It is an exclamation of approval, gratitude, and generally being pleased. Similar to bitchin, but without any of the cultural baggage
"Look at that! I got a hole in one!"

"Bitcho! You're my best friend!"

"Yeah, good show!"
by weentard2000 August 30, 2007
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when you don't feel like calling someone a cunt or the word bitch just isn't enough...
That bitchoe just pushed me.
by g--$ October 13, 2009
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When you’re so pissed at someone you are about to go off on them, and go “bitcho mode
Like Sicko Mode, but Bitcho Mode.
Oh girl, Carla really tried me. I’m gonna go bitcho mode on her.”
“Suzie went all bitcho mode when her boyfriend cheated on her.”
by thecreatorofbitchomode February 14, 2019
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A white washed way for someone who knows not a word of spanish to say "the bitch".

Otherwise, it means nothing. It is not the real way you say bitch in spanish.
StupidWhiteGirl1: "Oh my god! You are such a bitch!"

StupidWhiteGirl2: "Psh!...I am not a bitch I am El Bitcho!"
by Tacy Tay May 12, 2006
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el son of a bitcho a spanish form of son of a bitch when calling a man a son of a bitch just want do and cussing in spanish is funnier
dude wheres my goddamn money el son of a bitcho

man i have not seen your goddamn candy you el son of a bitcho

dude i want my goddamn candy and i want it now el son of a bitcho

man you better stop badgering me about your goddamn candy or youre gonna see a goddamn face full of me el son of a bitcho

wow dude youre really uptight over nothing

man what do you expect to get out of me you el son of a bitcho

ok dude i got you now
by littlejimmie April 10, 2019
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