An expression of approval, often for a job well done, or approval of a characteristic. Amplifications include, 'jolly' (polite), 'bloody' (impolite) and others. Sometimes used sarcastically. Primarily dated/retro British slang.

You invite some friends over to watch TV, and they show up with pizza and/or Chinese take-out.

You: "Good show!"


Bobby rides his skateboard down some steps, hops up on a railing, slides down it, loses his balance, and lands face-first on the concrete.

Eric: "Jolly good show, ol' chap!"
by ClimbingTheLog October 29, 2007
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An outdated proclamation of satisfaction usually made in a semi-British accent by a CPA (Certified Peeler of Assorted fruits).

Always accompanied by locking the arm to a 90 degree angle and swiping in a downward motion, possibly to disguise the soiling of the front of the pants.

Can be either preceded/followed by an expression of "damn shit".
Mr. Rick: How's everything coming along?
Ms. Dying: I almost finsihed Massachuts.
Mr. Rick: Damn shit..Good show!!
by oj aqua center March 27, 2009
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Taken from the film "Shanghai Knights". Best used when talking about a good song/show. Can also be said after hearing a funny topic.
by El_Scorcho August 28, 2003
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The sophisticated way of saying congrats for sophisticated British people
Son- Father I lost my virginity last night to radiant girl with rather good and nice buttocks

Dad-Jolly good show!
by cool j and the gang January 18, 2017
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British slang for when a group of people throw several live grenades and fireworks into someone’s house for the purpose of a common prank.
“Hey let’s go prank Jimmy with a Jolly Good Show!”
by Queenlad21 June 9, 2021
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(adj) it sucked,{this term is esp. used for plays or musicals}, it was a horrible production
Their productionof "Annie" was a good highschool show.
by Cassidy February 23, 2004
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a programming block created by Sprout. It started at 6PM ET each evening. Unlike Sprout’s other programming blocks, it was looped twice over the course of the evening, and ran for seven seasons
Originally, The Good Night Show was filmed in a Paulsboro studio just outside Philadelphia. The show's main setting was the Goodnight Garden for its first five seasons.
by SPrice1980 January 15, 2023
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