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is one of the only guys in the world who can pull off the long red hair thing.
by Kara April 06, 2005
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Birthed by mispelled words, Skans and Smeel were originally Skank and Smell. Smeel is the name of a female dancing leprachuan, and Skans is the name of an old school meets new school lady of the night. Both are feminine, and were created in Ray-town Wisconsin by me and my two friends. Both words also include that the people dubbed are also extremely glompable to you at least.
Me: Yo Smeel.
Smeel: *Does a jig* Hi! Is that Skans?
Me: Yep. Hey Skans!
Skans: I told you not to call me that! *kicks me*
Me: Ow...you two are mean...but so glompable *glomps Smeel and Skans*
by Kara October 04, 2004
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snap!is that sklee?!wow, i heared those are really rare!
that dude is such a sklee!
by Kara February 08, 2005
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allefonket 1. A word humans use to attract mates
2. A new breed of heffalump
3. Teknofella spelled backwards
4. A word used during random conversation
Girl-"Whats up?"
Guy- "Nm, u?"
Girl- "Same"
Guy- "Allefonket"
(Girl thrusts self onto guy and passionately makes out with him)
by Kara March 01, 2005
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degrading term used for a woman, girlfriend
"She's a little cockgobbler"
by Kara December 16, 2003
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someone who gets on your nerves badly
"What a bitchass"
"stupid bitchass mofo"
"get the hell away from me bitchass"
by Kara December 16, 2003
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