An expression used when something is highly unlikely or that the speaker disagrees with.
Psh, pink cows SO do not come from Denmark!
by Baseball_rox_my_sox April 12, 2004
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Psh is pretty similar to "Whatever" Some people prefer to use it over "whatever" Some people say it if in dissagreement.

Pronounced: "Push without a "U"
Claire "I ran a mile in 5 minutes"

Travis "Psh, no you didn't!"

Lea " Don't be so mean!"

Chris "Psh"

by ClaireKat June 13, 2008
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something a person says when they have no better come-backs
susy: bob-you're fat.. lose weight
bob: i weigh less than you do!
susy: psh.....
by erika October 13, 2003
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Used to dismiss something that is bullshit and/or not reasonable
Her: i dont think we should talk anymore people might take it the wrong way
Him: psh
by Spankitcream March 6, 2017
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Psh is a lovely lad who makes some top quality items. He is a master in his craft, making it look easy to others. However, due to how much he can pump out, he is looked down upon.
Jason: WOW! You're just like Psh, you're amazing!

Marcus: Awesome, loving it man, you're definitely near Psh level!
by TheGariest October 27, 2018
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when someone does a good job at something, after hes done some audience members will say Psh psh psh...

a way to say good job
public speaker: the end
Audience: psh psh good job psh psh... (psh's gradually fade out)
by CokeClassic January 7, 2010
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