Sicko mode is a level of both intelligence and physical being in such one can achieve anything. This could be as simple as walking or as complex as explaining tier memes
Often used in comments about a person or thing, “Brian go Sicko Mode”
by sam12edwardassss November 27, 2018
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When someone is too lit or faded.
"Hey, is he okay?" "Yeah man he's just in sicko mode right now.."
by pranizzle November 19, 2018
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When you rage or get so pumped up that you start going tryhard.
by CoolCrafter February 7, 2021
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song made by drake and travis scott \ what we got in the super bowl instead of sweet victory / when someone is trying really hard or is raging
by mlg lettuce king March 8, 2019
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Gasping for air at a concert.
"Hey Josh did you go to that Travis Scott concert, Yeah I went Sicko Mode with eight other people, I was the only survivor.
by SupperatedCooch November 15, 2021
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A state of being which takes many forms and symptoms, including but not limited to:

Hyperactive Schizophrenia
Loss of cognitive thought
Rash overconfidence, resulting in dangerous activities being performed by the victim
Heightened senses
General disregard for property damage, harm of family or acquaintances

Essentially all it encompasses results in a state of being where a person becomes incapable of rational thought due to a misinformed sense of confidence, resulting in aggressive or otherwise ill-advised actions that breach moral boundaries or the law.
Man 1: Why the hell is Sam trying to drive the car through the neighbour's wall?

Man 2: Yeah, he's going Sicko Mode.
by Husbando-Sama December 27, 2019
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To bait with hope and destroy it completely and irreparably.
Rather than playing Sweet Victory during the halftime show, the Superbowl sicko moded us; they took away our one chance of happiness, and crushed it... crushed it into little, tiny, bite-size pieces! I really had expected better of you Superbowl.
by FreshCocoa February 4, 2019
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