1. good, fuckin great, awsome
2. whinging, complaining
1. This is bitchin
2. Kenny, stop your bitchin!!
by funkyfresh June 10, 2004
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Not just great, but bad-ass fine.
Dude, look at that bitchin '32 roadster with the black pinstriping. Also written bitchen or bitchin' - and ALWAYS pronounced BIT-chin.
by The Zootramp September 18, 2003
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Origins date back to at least the very early 60's. Great, the best, hot, excellent, awesome, unbelievably good. In the 60's and 70's was often combined with the word "ass", as in "bitchin-ass", to describe the ultimate, supreme, primo, or a great looking sexy girl.
1. Check out that bitchin car!
2. We had such a bitchin time at the concert.
3. Wow what a bitchin-ass babe!
by BobBitchin November 15, 2006
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to be very fucking cool
that Benz is bitchin
by llamaman May 20, 2004
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*dont try too hard, or this wordll fall flat..just let it come..,
omg that party was so bitchin!
by dtown89 December 16, 2008
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