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having no clothes or covering garments upon ones body; nude
I got really drunk and ran around in my birthday suit!
by D. Willy April 24, 2003
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If you haven't read all of the other birthday-suit definitions, and this is the first definition you see, a birthday suit is when you don't have a article of clothing on you, you came out of your mom naked, so, I guess it's only reasonable to walk around naked on your birthday as well, (Around private places, no one wants to see your private-parts out in public, hell, I wouldn't do that...)
1: "So, It's my birthday today."

2: "So, what are you gonna do to celebrate it?"

1: "Go see some people, do things I've wanted to do, and at the end of the day, just fall asleep with my birthday-suit..."

2: Whoa, you have a birthday-suit?

*1 looks at two with a serious look on his face,*

1: I do believe you have a birthday-suit of your own.
by Beat56 July 28, 2015
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one's bare skin (from the fact that a person would not have any clothes on the minute they were born)
I found it embarrassing for them to see me in my birthday suit.
by Light Joker July 14, 2005
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means naked, nude
Background from Atlanta, USA
'I won't stop until I get them in their birthday suits'(Ludacris)
by Senasu March 24, 2005
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