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Nudes are what girls that are desperate for attention pass around school. Also popular with exhibitionist girls with enormous egos that love to show off. Will usually cause the girl to be labeled a hoe or thot by the rest of the school.
Heather is such a slut and thought sending out nude was so cool. At least until her grandma ended up with some of hers.
by hnoss May 31, 2017
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Taking pictures of a penis or a vagina and sending it to someone for personal needs. If your not safe with them they can be leaked. ( Don't be a dumbass and put you face in the photo)
George: Hey I saw your nude
Hannah: Hasn't everyone...
by Anonymous Boy213 June 19, 2016
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a colour similar to skin colour, irrespective of race. Not limited to a pinkish beige colour.
Those are available in different shades of nude...
by 2bu March 11, 2015
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an unclothed human body shown in an especially beautiful, artistic, or idealized manner.

a work of art displaying a nude.

a color approximating 'flesh tone', a warm pink-biege often used to color underwear or stockings.
Bouguereau's female nudes are especially lovely, but that's just me talking.
by dagger_grrl March 17, 2004
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What you want girls to send to you
"Man, Jackie sent me some nudes last night and I'm still jacking off over dem"
by Boberto_de_unicorn September 14, 2016
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Nude pics a chick posts of herself in a forum. Often times if a hottie posts a regular pic, the other posters will keep asking for "nudes?" or "n00dz plz."
The pics thread was at the top with 300 users online. Some chick must have posted nudes.
by madmaxxx March 04, 2005
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