as used on Joe Rogan, when news media or an official agency such as the WHO, FBI or the CIA, is corrupt.
the WHO will not accept Tawaiin as a member.

man, they are completely captured.
by JoshyPoodles September 11, 2021
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The act of taking a picture or the picture itself can be a capture. Might also refer to video.
Capture of a flash flood. People like to act like they can capture huge forces of nature like floods and tidal waves. They like to feel that by pointing their cell phone at the spectacle they have tamed and imprisoned it forever in their files. Parents seldom say, capture of my child or would you like to see my captures when referring to their snapshots of their children, because it sounds abusive and pervy
by Flesh Flewd August 14, 2017
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Two or more sets of teams of gay men search for opposing teams designated "fag keeper" and run back to their team camps to gangbang "fag keeper". First team to yell out "i fucked the neighborhood whore!" wins the game
Gay pass time children's games capture the fag
by neighborhood whore August 21, 2011
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A woman with impressive man-slaying skills. Often found lurking the sticky dancefloor of Infernos, scouting for prey. The cock capturer's motto: "Smashing beers, smashing boys, that's how we roll."

Alternative: Gobbler. For those who find "cock capturer" too feminist. Derived from the location Gobbler's Hollow, a fictitious and magical abode where fallacious happenings occur.
"Wow, did you see the mouth on that cock capturer? I bet she'd tongue punch your fart box like you don't even know"
by WILMA March 23, 2015
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An awesome game that I used to play a lot as a kid. There are two teams, and each team gets some kind of object to use as a flag, then they hide it, the first team to get the other team's flag wins. Also you divide the playing area into two sides and your team can tag people on their flag.
by Buttfucked September 22, 2003
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A filming device the size of your plam. Its used to capture footage off a console (xbox 360) and put it onto your pc. It's commonly used to make halo montages. It is connected from the computer USB 2.0 port and the video cable from the 360.. Price range varies between quality ($70-150)
Guy 1: How did you make that montage with good such quality?

Guy 2: I used my Dazzle capture card.

by NationalPro October 31, 2006
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