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The saggiest oldest dried up cunt sucking bitch on the planet.
Hey, look at that prune ass bitch over there, oh it's Mrs. Smith, I stand corrected
by Peridot57150 March 07, 2018
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When someone takes and enourmously large shit on a womens breast then tit fucks the breast a little until her milk seeps out then sucks on the breast, and then the girl punches the man in his enourmous cock.
by GirthyTurd October 22, 2009
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A teacher who is funny and loves to joke around with the class. She sometimes roasts the class though for their poor grades but when you take her tests, you will be convinced that they are rigged.
“Mrs. Smith maaaaannnn...I COULD’VE SWORN THAT WASN’T IN THE NOTES!!!!”
by Salveje April 22, 2019
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1. A phrase ordinarily used to refer to either the neighbour watching, or potentially watching, your sexual activities. The concept is usually phrased as a joke when you and your partner are having sex in a revealing area, such as a backyard verandah or with the blinds open.

2. Said as a joke, usually accompanied by a sexual gesture (i.e. a slap on the ass or imitating fingering your partner with two fingers), when wanting to fuck your partner in an area where the neighbour could see.
#1 - (said in backyard) Aww baby, i want to bury my balls in your ass!

#2 - Hahahaha - Mrs Smith!!!
by the real mirroring cockhead March 19, 2009
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Bro I have Mrs smith next
Lucky I have tent in my next class
by Ryangudtentbad October 06, 2019
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