Meat, usually beef, that is salted / spiced and cut into strips and dried in the sun. Popular snack in Southern Africa.
I like really fresh, wet biltong.
by Dan Fox April 23, 2004
The male version of a putang.
Girl 1,"Did u watch that porno last nite."
Girl 2,"Yeah. That guy's biltong was enormous!"
by Geevz November 25, 2008
Breasts that are like 3 dried up pieces of beef

Flat crusty dangling lumps of meat
by Working Class Hero December 17, 2020
Leaving your problems behind by burying them.
That Guy: "I'm a walkatician. I hiked the AT, but something went wrong..."
Other guy: "Just leave that part out when you tell people the story of your epic adventures, bury it like biltong!"
by Jokeatician August 11, 2021
When the pussy has been smashed so many times, it starts to resemble chewed biltong and the pussy lips begin to change to a blue color and feels like old leather!
Bob: Hey bru, did you know that Marge has a biltong pussy?
Peter: Oh damn son, thats because she's been a hoe all her life!
by pops_sa May 29, 2019