a name for the state of mind under the influence of ganga... thats what we call it when we are high
Damn dude I'm fucking chewed..
Yah dude I'm really chewed...
I'm fucking chewed..
by CeQueezy April 29, 2005
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to be as high as possible on marijuana
"I'm so fried that i'm now CHEWED"
by chewbag February 4, 2010
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The state of being drunk.
I was chewed last night after me and my cats drank a fifth of Henny.
by G-Baby March 10, 2003
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Hey man, he just ignored you...you got chewed!!
by jetzero January 26, 2005
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SKOAL-COPENHAGEN smokeless tobaco. The big dip in all junior hockey players mouths across north america. theres nothing better than putting in a big dip after a hard game, or before getting with some dirty puck bunnies
Yo Dave, can i bum a dip off ya, only a lipper man this is the new Skoal Vanilla Chew.
by JOhn Trask December 5, 2003
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When someone keeps going on about a particular subject, either because it was a joke directed at them or if they have nothing else to talk about.
"Remember that stupid girl that kept on texting me last week?"

God's Sake, stop chewing.
by The Bantman November 12, 2014
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