a phrase used to describe a person setting another person straight.
So you still talkin shit huh? Im bouta cut into you in a minute.
Do it bitch.
First of all you broke ass, shaq shoe wearin...
by 313Deeboi March 7, 2008
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a. "How come they didn't catch you?" "I was over in the cut so they couldn't find me."
b. "Yo Murda, what you upto?" "Nuthin much, jus chillin in the cut."
by .:] MuRdA [:. December 13, 2005
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To like someone; to stand with them, back them up; to really care for someone or maybe to even love the person. I think there may be many different ways to cut for someone.
example: She cuts for me.
He cuts for me.
I really cut for her.
by dollyden November 9, 2013
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Cutting has been described to me by my therapist as a natural drug in that it released endorphins to the brain immediately following the cutting. However, in the long run, cutting can lead to more severe depression and also can cause permanent physical damage. Cutting sometimes is accompanied by head banging, burning, or other self-destructive behaviors.
Despite some of the close minded definitions, cutting is not done only by emo kids. Although some emo kids do cut, most of the characteristics of cutters are the same as those with eating disorders. Cutters tend to be perfectionists, and often are white, middle class teenage girls, although not all cutters come from this background.
Cutting often is a result of depression, and some view it as a way to release emotional pain when it feels like you would explode otherwise. Although many people think that those with depression have experienced huge tramas in their lives, this is not necessarily the case. Depression is a disease, just like diabetes is a disease. It can strike anyone, regardless of their gender, class, or social status. I personally am attending an ivyleague college next year, was captain of my soccer team in high school, could be considered among the popular kids at my school, and have an extremely loving family. I still have the scars from my cutting, which I stopped doing 2 months ago. Although i was lucky enough to be able to stop, other people such as my older sister, became addicted. Cutting is not something to mess around with. However ,it is naive to dismiss cutting as simply a way to get attention. It is also naive to scorn those who seem to have perfect lives as being stupid for cutting. People do not choose to be depressed.
"how can you be so depressed? You're so beautiful and so good at everything." - me crying to my to my sister in an ambulance after one of her major cutting episodes

"that doesnt matter tho. being pretty doesn't change wut mood i'm in," - my sister
by princetongirl10 July 7, 2006
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(verb) to be sufficient or adequate for a task, or generally.
"That excuse is not going to cut it."
by anarcissie May 2, 2008
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"In the cut" primarily refers to a location that is secluded or hard to find. It can be used in both urban and rural areas. In a metropolitan setting, a house or store that’s “back in the cut” would be in a place off the main drag, perhaps in an older or run-down neighborhood. Likewise, in the country when someone’s house is “out in the cut” it generally means that person’s house is off the map (far away from town, gravel roads, etc.)

Livin “down in the cut” isn’t necessarily a bad thing. You can throw some bangin-assed parties when there’s nobody else around to complain about em.
Guy1 “Trey’s party was off the hook!”
Guy2 “Really, where was it? I couldn’t find the place...”
Guy1 “It’s back in the cut, on Bent Street”
by Alan King July 1, 2004
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Cutting is when a person uses any sharp object (such as a razor, or knife, anything really) to harm oneself, usually on the arms or wrists. However it goes so much deeper then that. My own experience with cutting was very complex, and confusing. I cut myself where no one would see, on my stomach and back.
Here is your handy guide to cutting, from a cutter.
Here are the things I thought at first:
1)I could do this, I could handle the pan/ it will make me stronger.
2)I felt good that I had a secret
3) it felt just so RIGHT.
Things I learned:
1) I suffer severe anxiety that someone will find out, and send me to therapy.
2) I can't go to the doctor, because the doctor will look at my stomach and see all my scars/ wounds. Think about it. What if you get sick?
3)I can't go swimming with friends. I used to love to do that.
I mean serious serous withdrawal like from a drug. I had panic attacks. In class. I silently sat there with my palms sweating, thinking i was gonna pass out
5) the fist time you have sex? How awkward will it be when he sees your scars.
you can break the cycle, and suffer withdrawal and let the scars fade, even though they will NEVER. go away. You start to live again. It was not a solution, it was the problem. You don't have to seek help, I never could, just know that you are STRONG enough to stop.
Razor: ============//___
Cutting: Sweet bliss
by Gettingoffmychest October 14, 2011
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