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When the pussy has been smashed so many times, it starts to resemble chewed biltong and the pussy lips begin to change to a blue color and feels like old leather!
Bob: Hey bru, did you know that Marge has a biltong pussy?
Peter: Oh damn son, thats because she's been a hoe all her life!
by pops_sa May 29, 2019
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Is when you're single ASF during Thanksgiving and you spend the whole day with cheap or free cunt Skanks!
Jimmy has been single for nearly 10 years now and used to date his mum and spend thanksgiving with his whore mother. She died and now Jimmy spends his thanksgiving with his moms friends, who are also cheap skanks! It is now known as Skanksgiving, a day spent with unknown road side whores, for free!
by pops_sa November 29, 2017
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