109 definitions by Working Class Hero

Squashy small empty tits like a marshmallow teacake

The integrity of the tit just collapses at the slightest touch
by Working Class Hero November 28, 2020
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Tits that look like octopus tentacles

Long floppy and dangling

Come suck on my tentaculits you little simp mother fucker
by Working Class Hero January 8, 2021
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Yes always a good one to have up your sleeve. If you want to insult a womans tits to her face without her knowing, tell her she has a nice clavicle

They have to be really shit tits though or it doesn't work
Use the clavicle compliment when you really mean "those are some awful fucking empty tits"
by Working Class Hero November 24, 2020
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Also see shit tits

There must be something in the water in Sunderland that produces the absolutely worst tits in the country. Some great looking arses but horrible haunting tits

Maybe its the salt in the sea air or maybe its the amount of kids they have or the amount of drugs they do who knows 🤷
Careful I picked up on a Sunderland twang there, she probably has mackem mammaries
by Working Class Hero November 25, 2020
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Tits of the dead or guavas dos muertos as they say in Mexico

Very much like day of the dead these tits should be celebrated because of their remarkable emptiness

Empty, limp, lifeless tits devoid of meaty flesh. Empty skin bags flopping about like a zombies arms
What you celebrating home? Guavas dos muertos ... tits of the dead. Woah yes those are some seriously empty tits
by Working Class Hero November 26, 2020
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