64 definitions by Dan Fox

You know that horny bitch with the pig tails in the Benny Benassi video? Well she makes me want to spoff my load.
by Dan Fox August 13, 2003
Brit: Said of something that is good, or exceptional.
Young Jimmy put in a stonker of a performance at the final of the football soccer and scored four goals.
by Dan Fox July 18, 2003
A powerful, object-based, interpreted scripting language, created by Brendan Eich, most commonly embedded directly into HTML web pages to manage client-side interaction.
JavaScript is so beautiful and elegant it brings tears to my eyes. I love using it. It completes me as a person.
by Dan Fox June 24, 2003
Diarrhoea caused from excessive consumption of lager or beer.
I wouldn't use that cubicle - I've just had a nasty attack of beerhoea in it.
by Dan Fox August 15, 2003
Strain of marijuana bred for potency under a government funded project at the University Of California.
Mo-fo that G13 crippled me! But I kept having to hoof more and more.
by Dan Fox June 24, 2003
something with idiotic attributes or relating to moronic thoughts or ideas
That quimga stole my car! Kill him!
by Dan Fox July 13, 2004
An improvised and ultimately dishonest approach to repair so as only to provide a temporal verisimilitude of correct functionality.
The surgeon made a real botch job of my vasectomy and now I shit cum every other Tuesday.
by Dan Fox June 24, 2003