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A person who vaccilates between dominant and submissive roles within sexual relations.
#1 Are you dom or sub?
#2 I like both. I'm switch.
by Dan Fox June 24, 2003

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1. Exhausted
2. Sexually spent
3. Reprimanded
4. Broken / malfunctional
1. I was knackered when I got in from work.
2. After my seventh ejaculation I was well and truly knackered.
3. The teacher caught us smoking and now we're going to get really knackered.
4. I tried to fix my dad's PC but now it's more knackered than ever.
by Dan Fox June 12, 2003

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Fanaticism surrounding fictional characters and themes contained within a series of books written by J.K Rowling, namely "Harry Potter".
Pottermania prior to the release of the new Harry Potter book has reached fever pitch.
by Dan Fox June 25, 2003

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Acronym of French phrase: "Repondez Sil Vous Plais". English translation: "Reply If You Please"

Used, especially on written invitations, to request a respose.
We are getting married. Please come to the church and the afterparty. Live sex show starring me and my newly betroathed. RSVP.
by Dan Fox July 22, 2003

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1. i.e. Abbreviation of Latin 'Id Est' meaning "that is" (to say).

2. Abbreviation of Internet Explorer - often proceeded by the version number. A software application developed by the Microsoft Corporation used to browse the world wide web (www).
1. I like thick spaghetti i.e. the fresh variety.

(not to be confused with e.g. (for example) - i.e. provides an explanation rather than an example.

2. I browse the web using IE6.
by Dan Fox August 01, 2003

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British word for diaper.
Can you change little Tommy's nappy please? He's beginning to really smell.
by Dan Fox June 19, 2003

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A Quarter of one ounce, about seven grams.
Do you have any of that leb hash left? I could do with a q if possible.
by Dan Fox June 27, 2003

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