Batman. The caped crusader of the DCEU, since 2013, plays a 20+ year experienced dark knight and without a doubt the strongest batman EVER seen onscreen.

though initially left in 2019 before his supposed solo movie finished development, has returned for the flash movie (which keeps getting DELAYED dammit!) and aquaman 2, don’t forget he also returned for the snyder cut reshoots. So everytime ben affleck quits as Batman it’s usually not for long lol

Ben affleck is the best bruce wayne/batman, easily resembles the same one from the comics and the animated series.

If Arkham Batman was ever adapted on film it’s definitely batfleck
Ben affleck is the perfect batman

Batman IS Ben affleck

There is no dceu without ben affleck

Batfleck is the name for Ben affleck as Batman
by Warheadpaysme August 31, 2022
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a guy who has the godsent gift to ruin any movie he's in.
Phil: "what's ben affleck doing in this movie?"
Maddie: "ruining it."
by deejaylovesmaddie December 23, 2009
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verb: to wreck anything by merely loaning your name or persona to it

adjective: cursed, tainted, ruined, spoiled

noun: a talentless pile of flotsam that should soon go away
"I was going to run for a liberal Democrat whiny dog catcher in my home town, but once I found out that Ben Affleck was campaigning for me, I conceded to the retarded lobster who was running against me as I knew that I would lose"

"I found out that the free lunch involved listening to some Amway speaker; what a Ben Affleck that turned out to be"
by OnTheSideOfRight October 4, 2006
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quite possibly the most talentless actor in hollywood right now. I'd prefer to shove thick needles in my cock, than watch any of his shitty movies like daredevil or gigli. Just because your friends with a talented actor like Matt Damon, doesn't mean you yourself have any acting skill. I wish he would crash his car on I-95 and die...hes also a stupid red sox fan
Dude 1: Let's watch daredevil, it has jennifer garner in it!

Dude 2: no way man, it also has ben affleck...he sucks at acting, I wish he would die
by Not a Wanker/Anti-Wanker March 11, 2008
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Matt Damon's bitch.
Has a thing for chicks named "Jennifer".
1: Who's that guy married to Jennifer Garner?
2: You mean Matt Damon's bitch, Ben Affleck?
by Arrieth February 1, 2008
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One who begins saying their lines while another is attempting to deliver their's.
"this one will take you further down the...."


(off script) "Now who's the Ben Affleck?"
by MstrFantastic October 8, 2011
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