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verb: to wreck anything by merely loaning your name or persona to it

adjective: cursed, tainted, ruined, spoiled

noun: a talentless pile of flotsam that should soon go away
"I was going to run for a liberal Democrat whiny dog catcher in my home town, but once I found out that Ben Affleck was campaigning for me, I conceded to the retarded lobster who was running against me as I knew that I would lose"

"I found out that the free lunch involved listening to some Amway speaker; what a Ben Affleck that turned out to be"
by OnTheSideOfRight October 04, 2006

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A device put into a man's ear when he is unable to have a penis in his mouth or in his ass. Something that predominantly lower life forms have in their ears while out at restaurants or in front of you at the drycleaner and they continue to use them with no consideration for the waiter/waitress or store clerk.

On women, the same as above, but normally used by black women in automatic BMW's with balloon payments soon due - only used when in public places, never while in the car or else people who pull up next to them won't know that they have a cell phone!

Something that makes you look like you are running late for your Star Trek convention or the Dr. Who film festival. Only to be worn in public by morons.
She put her bluetooth in her ear and her brain fell out the other end, but no one knew the difference.

That goofball with the backwards hat is talking to himself while in line at Best Buy to show everyone that he has friends, but we all know that he is talking to his mama!

She walked up to my line at the store while talking on her bluetooth, I asked her if I could help her, she ignored me, so I yelled "next!".
by OnTheSideOfRight October 13, 2006

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Silly - Urban - Vanity

1. A vehicle made to go off road for camping trips, hunting, and for trail riding, but is only used for getting groceries.

2. A boxy vehicle that while made to function in mud, rocks, or sand, can often be seen dodging small puddles since the owner just washed and waxed it before picking up his "ho".

3. Further proof that most of the American buying public are sheep easily led to slaughter (see croc clogs)
His SUV is capable of going in the mud up the the fender wells, but he won't even drive it in the rain!

That SUV can hold eight people, but that 5'2" bitch yakking on her cell phone and weaving in and out of traffic without using her turn signal is driving all alone.

Wow, I never knew that you needed a four wheel drive Lexus to pick up a dozen donuts!
by OnTheSideOfRight October 08, 2006

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A car driven around with the convertible top down and the windows rolled up!
He drives a fagtop 'Vette around town with the top down and windows up - he does NOT deserve that fine automobile.

He drives his fagtop so that he doesn't mess up his hair; it must be his time of the month.

Once he had his testicles removed, it was okay for him to drive his fagtop around town.
by OnTheSideOfRight May 25, 2007

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The slickest substance known to man. This is something that has or could crawl through a world of manure and still come out clean as a whistle. For some odd reason or reasons, many lower life forms consider this a good thing.
Al Franken cooked himself a shit sandwich on Bill Clinton cookware and he had no problem washing it clean after he ate since nothing stuck to the slick and non-porous cooking surface.
by OnTheSideOfRight October 03, 2006

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1. The calling card of a moron

2. Something that white kids took from black kids and ruined

3. How to identify the true loser in the crowd
I can easily single out who is the real dope of the group because he has his a backwards hat.

"Rap was okay until white kids started buying the CD's and created fools like Eminem and Fiddy Cent, they really put the backwards hat on rap!"

"Where did you buy that hat? The ones that I buy have the bills on the front; what's the point of a backwards hat? You look ridiculous!"
by OnTheSideOfRight October 04, 2006

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