should’ve gotten his own solo movie (or a solo trilogy + prequel series) had it not been for WB incompetence, but oh well, fuck it, we still got his previous appearances albeit minimal
Batfleck is the perfect Batman and anyone who hates is in denial, sure Nolan Batman is iconic and phenomenal but BATFLECK IS PURE COMIC BOOK PERFECTION

Batfleck > battinson
by SlickSnacc February 9, 2022
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Batfleck - The soon to be, incredible take on the Dark Knight, by none other than Ben Affleck. Batfleck was a term created on Twitter when Affleck was announced to play Batman in Batman Vs. Superman.
Nerd 1: I can't believe they cast Ben "Gigli" Affleck as Batman! What is the world coming to?
Normal Dude: I think Batfleck will be quite cool.
Nerd 1: What did you say?
Normal Dude: I said he could be cool.
Nerd 1: Who?
Normal Dude: Batfleck
by TheRobDogg October 6, 2013
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A white, heterosexual male that participates in Social Justice activism. Such a person is often seen has having a 'White Savior Complex' as they only ever confront other white people in political discourse. This concept arises from the most prevalent theme in super hero movies that the villain is an evil white male, and POC can only be saved by the white hero, who often sacrifices himself to defeat the villain. Such plots are particularly common in Ben Affleck movies.
This guy obviously thinks he's batfleck. He can't go five minutes without virtue signaling.
by Billy Lobell December 21, 2020
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