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One who spends all waking moments on the weekend either drunk, high, or stoned. Will often be seen in bars, always carries a baggie, and constitutes a public nuisance.

see jetsam
It's no wonder he slept with that 60 year old woman on Firday: he was in complete flotsam mode.
by cervixexpress March 16, 2005
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Flotsam is a term used by year-round residents of Cape Cod MA to describe people who come up to the Cape only for the summer. It is said that on the Cape that "For every piece of real flotsam here we have 100 summer flotsams to equal that." It's a typical Natives vs. Anything-but-Natives arguement.
The flotsam in P-Town is really bad, all the tourists come to go whalewatching or go shopping.
by Sid Barrett August 19, 2007
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The post-coital, partially mollified, half-mast penis. Subject to flotsam jumpers and tankslaps.
"My mom found out that I had been having sex because she could see my flotsam bulge through my pants."
by Cory Massaro September 11, 2007
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an inability to have a erection for more than a period of 5 days,and without treatment a certain form of dick crust will appear
Dude, I think my dick has flotsam i haven't had an erection for like a week!

Dude i heard that guy has flotsam on his dick you can tell he hasn't got laid in a while
by Kc.Mike.Marshall February 17, 2008
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