a type of vape that you use and it will die in 2-3 days depending if your a fien
can i hit your disposable”
by bruhurtrippingshorty November 21, 2020
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1) Something that is made to be thrown away, single-use.
2) Someone who people will use. They normally don't like being disposable but they don't know how not to be. The term came from the first definition.
1) Did you throw away your disposable camera after you got it developed?
2) Breanna's really cute and nice, but for some reason people think she's disposable, so she doesn't have many real friends.
by Synthme May 9, 2010
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1. That which can be disposed of.
2. That which is designed to be disposed of rather than refilled or repaired. Made to be thrown away after use
Rather than purchase an expensive razor he bought a packet of cheap disposable ones.
by ratizi September 8, 2008
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get something away from you; out of your sight

-the concept of "disposable" is a gray area! when an item exhausts its' 'working life', it becomes "disposable"!! ie: it can no longer perform the 'work' it was intended to perform. it can (and MAY) still exist for all eternity!!, but has become a non-entity to you! -the $64,000 question is WHERE it is "disposed" TO!!

some items are designed specifically to be "disposable"!!??
i don't envy those 'mopping up' years down the line, when i'm 'stone dead' and 'space' is replaced by bodies and "disposable" items -i guess they'll blast all this crap into 'space'
john finished with the jenkins girl and she became disposable.
i threw my "disposable" razor into the garbage can.
all my disposable 'ravings' have become tiresome! lets' go 'conservative', or get 'fucked up'! (preferably the latter!!)
by michael foolsley December 30, 2010
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a maniac's friendly way of refering to murdering someone
Kid: Where did mommy go?
Santa: I disposed of her.
by shrw October 14, 2007
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Where's Adam?

He was disposed.


Yeah, they just found his body with his pink slip in his pocket.
by 606A January 18, 2011
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1) That which can be disposed of easily
2) An object made for a one time use, rather than kept and reused

*In modern society, a disposable is most commonly used as a reference to disposable vapes, which are meant to be thrown out after all the liquid inside has been used
Person 1: I've got a new disposable camera for the trip!
Person 2: Cool! Can I try using it?
by Monch on bred February 25, 2020
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