Acting out of control. Saying things that lack intelegence, being with out a filter.
"lol Kedrick Was So belligerent last night!"

"i know the way he dived after that bottle was insane!"
by sb,jg,Lc March 22, 2010
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Premeditated FUCK YOU
I see y'all decided to be belligerent today cause not everyone has signed my paper yet.
by seweroba November 11, 2014
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a good fucking song by the band Attila
dude 1: hey dude, did you here Attila's song Belligerent?
dude 2: yeah bro, it's fucking sick!
dude 1: let's smoke up and throw down while we listen!
by brodudeattila December 19, 2009
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So ridiculously drunk that you feel like screaming is the only way anyone will hear you, or when your singing voice is the most beautiful thing you've ever heard, when in reality you're missing every note. Other examples include pissing in public, being promiscuous, passing out, throwing up, so on. See also inebriated, smashed, hammered, shitfaced, etc.
Did you guys see Michael the other night? He was so fuckin belligerent that he was pissing all over a Uhaul truck!
by BelligerentMofo August 22, 2008
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When the sesh stupid lit and people start gettin nasty
Matt Dubrow was jhi belligerent last night. Philip hadda calm that mofo down he was bein jhiiii belligerent.
via giphy
by yerrmama April 19, 2018
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beautiful, amazing, intelligent...basically the perfect specimen of a women. You don't even have to say woman...you just just know that it is tagged along with this word. The person who uses this word is usually jealous that he does not have the charm, grace and witty character like the women he uses this word for.
When HE says to stop being "belligerent!" he really means "please, stop making me feel bad because I am not even close to being able to light up a room like you all!"
by belligerantLR13 November 03, 2009
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Belonging or pertaining to, the society of The Bulgarians. This may apply to actions, possessions, people, places, etc. All are within the realm of possible inclusion.
One of the Bulgarians is getting murried shortly. That is definitely belligerent, if anything may be considered so.
by frank July 07, 2004
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