A fantastic band from the 90's with many hit songs. Simply Awesome!
I love listening to Everclear~they always lift my mood!
by Starchylde May 14, 2016
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AKA "Gas Outta Satan's Ass." This drink is fuckin' illegal in most states. A coma inducing 95% alcohol content will shit-can you in 2 or 3 shots. Not a good thing if you want to keep taking jello shots of a chick's tit. Bacardi 151 pales in comparison.
Everclear will ice your ass into the afterlife.
by Wasabimoto August 29, 2009
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95% alcohol more commonly know as: Liquefied Death
Here comes the meat wagon to pick up that dumb shit who drank everclear...
by Unr3al February 26, 2008
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There are two kinds. 151 proof, and 190 proof. It is illegal in some states. It can be used as an antiseptic because of it's high alcoholic content and is the best cleaner for the restoration of tabacco smoking pipes. It is a neutral grain spirit. It should NEVER be consumed straight.
Bob: Dude. What happened last night? (after waking up with a massive headache.)

Fred: You had the brilliant idea of drinking Everclear straight from the bottle last night and now you're paying for it...
by peacetea1 August 31, 2010
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Created in satans butthole. It is pure gasoline.
Everclear? Ha, that’ll put some hair on your chest 😭😭
by spotlight ah moonlight ah August 28, 2023
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195-proof grain alcohol that can run your fucking car with. seriously. very economical in the creation of mixed drinks, as everclear contains about 250% of the alcohol in most other hard liquors, and has no taste besides that of alcohol. Also, one can spit it into a flame and, quite literally, breathe fire. Taking a straight shot of everclear is like swallowing oven cleaner, and has approximately the same effect on the liver.
My roommate drank ten straight shots of everclear last night, and now he's not waking up

He's dead, you dumb fuck
by CO1115 December 22, 2006
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Alcholic drink that killed my brother Jo-Jo.
Noooooo! Jo-Jo!!!!!!
by Eric January 7, 2005
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