A phrase one utters when stoned out of their mind. Here is a scenario: Sitting down, taking a bong rip, a friend inquires about making nachos, and I you "one moment". After some time of smoking, you finally say, "Alright, let's go smoke some nachos". From the moment it left my lips, the phrase "Let's smoke some nachos" was born. Use this phrase in the middle of a smoke session when you want to make your friends laugh.

Friend: "I'm high as shit, I want nachos" You: "Alright, let's go smoke some nachos"
Let's smoke some nachos- the confusion of words when smoking weed and wanting nachos
by Muad'Dib420 March 24, 2016
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To burn out an electrical device such that that puff of fetid blue smoke wafts away, letting you know that "the board" is forever cooked. Doesn't necessarily apply only to electronics...burning wires counts too.
I let the smoke out of my welder today. Totally dead.
by JRF August 20, 2006
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"Corey, Trevor, smokes, let's go" - Ricky
by poy41 November 5, 2008
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When you are hotboxing a vechicle and roll down the window to let the smoke go but your friends are paranoid of the cops seeing smoke you would say "fuck the popo let the smoke go" as in saying you don't care the cops will see the marijuana smoke.
Miguel: Elici roll up the window the cops are gonna pull us over and see the weed
Elici: no "fuck the popo let the smoke go"

Quote made by Elici Silva
by Elici Blue April 12, 2017
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