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1. a penis
2. derogatory term used to sum up the existance of a worthless asshole
That prick stole my girlfriend.
by deplemisher April 24, 2003

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1. The Grafenberg spot is an area on the anterior or front wall of the vagina, between the opening and the cervix, which is often found to be extremely sensitive to stimulation. It is hypothesized that the G-spot is either
1) a bundle of nerves coming from the clitoris, or
2) a gland or series of glands that produces lubrication. It is thought to be perhaps analagous to the prostate gland in men.
That bitch had a g-spot orgasm and sprayed her juice all over my face.
by deplemisher April 24, 2003

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1. Ketamine
2. Often obtained by breaking into animal hospitals, this liquid-state tranquilizer can be poured over a mirror, dried, and diced into a powder ready for rave-happy snorting.
Let's get tweeked on some special k at the rave tonight.
by deplemisher April 24, 2003

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1. Extreme indulgence in sensual pleasures; dissipation.
2. debaucheries (Orgies).
3. Archaic. Seduction from morality, allegiance, or duty.
The debauchery was so hard core last night that I won't be able to get another erection for weeks.
by deplemisher April 24, 2003

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1. Sex
2. Formal terminology often used by the 'super intelligent' to describe the love-making process, every little boy's dream
Hey baby, let's go for scones then we can catch a round of coitus.
by deplemisher April 24, 2003

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1. An irresistable member of an elite community, which focuses on preparing for the future, kicking major ass in all serious sports, and dominating the job market after graduation.
2. A well balanced student.
3. One who has a liberated mind and uses his fantastic mental powers to benefit the quality of life.
4. 90% of the time, a wealthy and successful leader in his area of occupation.
1. Son: Mommy, when I grow up I want to be a Longhorn.
Mother: Yer bucktooth ass ain't never gonna see nuthin' but that gas station town you been goin to school in fer the last 6 years you goat fuckin' little bastard.
2. You should be more like that stud Joe, he's a Longhorn.
by deplemisher April 25, 2003

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1. non-derogatory term used to identify a not-necessarily black brotha' from anotha' mutha'
2. used to express comraderie
C'mon nigguh, let's go blow up some dry ice bombs.
by deplemisher April 24, 2003

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