Attila is Hungarian guy who is a very adventurous and passionate person. He is usually ambitious, humorous, and pioneering. He is goal driven, so once he puts his mind to something there is nothing that can stop him while there still fire in his heart.
Make sure you invite Attila to the party.
by Anonymous7100 November 23, 2021
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Person who doesn't take well to criticism or jokes at their expense.
Look at that little bitch he's being such an Attila.
by Bloodyears September 3, 2015
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A very cool, funny, lovely, heartful guy. If you look deep in his eyes you fall in love with him. You can talk with Attila about everything. If you have an deep conversation with Attila the time passes fast. He's very smart and cute.

He notice if you dont feel good even if you didnt say anything yet and he knows what to say to make you happy.

If Attila loves you then with all his heart and to 100%. Every girl/women wants Attila as a man.
I love Attila <3
by ~UnKn0wN. November 20, 2021
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A Great Hard Core, Emo Band. That Has Alot Of Music About Drugs, Sex, Violence, Yet Very Tastefull Music. I Guess You Could Say "Emo" "Scene" People Would Listen To Them. They Are An Amazing Band With Great Songs. Give A Listen. ?!
emo scene band emo band hard core attila
by JackiePeaceLove April 5, 2010
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An awesome emo-ish skater but not smart at all but get ok grades because he cheats an hates fat chicks
man look at that attila he's cool

but look at him dis that fat chick ewww

also known as the dumbass who hits stuff like cars
by xxawingxx May 12, 2009
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Hes A Sexy beast With Flameing Green Eyes like a dragon
tall but short but sexy lil man
by Bob January 7, 2005
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