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A quiet guy. Usually observes everything around him. Very smart and talented. Always ready to talk/listen whenever it's necessary. Sometimes doubts themself. Sweet when it comes to meeting new people. Acts shy when around people they don't know, but when they're with friends... they're the craziest person.
Susan: Who got a 100 on the test?!
Yannet: Shaan
Susan: Of course. He's the smartest person in the class.
by Melody_photo June 29, 2017
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When you have slid into so many DM's you have become the God of DM's.

Pronounced SHA-ON
Me: Young Gerald (all the way from da Bay Area) slid into Virginia, ally, Jessica, Jessie's DM's all last night.
Oliver: He has been a true Shaan lately.
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by ('-') August 02, 2016
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The love of my life. Handsome, amazing; romantic. The type of guy everyone wishes they could be friends with. He doesn't care what others think of him and is determined to live his own life. However, if you're lucky enough to date him, he will move worlds for you. He will do anything for you and treat you like a goddamned princess. Shaan's are a rare breed so when you find one you can never let them go.
Hot girl: Who is that cute guy over there?

Stephanie: Oh, that's Shaan. He's mine tho. Back off.
by handy toolkit January 03, 2019
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Gay bitch that thinks he/she is the best in everything. Nobody likes he/she.
Shaan is gay. Shaan has no friends. Shaan is so into himself.
by Shaan Rory April 21, 2018
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A complete bitch, who no one likes and always tries to run other peoples lives. She is mostly interested in things she has going on and if your schedule conflicts with her she will call you names.

Someone who gets angry easily, and likes to take it out on anyone but herself.
That girl totally just became a "Shaan" in my books.
by xx-evil-xx September 01, 2010
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SHAY-anne - Noun; A female given name meaning "Place of Peace", derived from the Hebrew word "shalom".
My name is Shaan; not Shane, or Sean, or CHEYENNE. SHAY-ANNE! Say it with me, people! It's two syllables!
by Phoenix-Aanishnabekwe May 29, 2011
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