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The love of my life. Handsome, amazing; romantic. The type of guy everyone wishes they could be friends with. He doesn't care what others think of him and is determined to live his own life. However, if you're lucky enough to date him, he will move worlds for you. He will do anything for you and treat you like a goddamned princess. Shaan's are a rare breed so when you find one you can never let them go.
Hot girl: Who is that cute guy over there?

Stephanie: Oh, that's Shaan. He's mine tho. Back off.
by handy toolkit January 4, 2019
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A quiet guy. Usually observes everything around him. Very smart and talented. Always ready to talk/listen whenever it's necessary. Sometimes doubts themself. Sweet when it comes to meeting new people. Acts shy when around people they don't know, but when they're with friends... they're the craziest person.
Susan: Who got a 100 on the test?!
Yannet: Shaan
Susan: Of course. He's the smartest person in the class.
by Melody_photo June 29, 2017
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Shaan is someone who can eat roti.
Wow Shaans eating that roti good.
by TheUnderStryke May 8, 2019
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A jiggy n*gga who do not eat roti and do it hella good
Shaan be the prettiest n*gga that ever did it who be clean as f*ck
by Jak uce August 28, 2020
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When you have slid into so many DM's you have become the God of DM's.

Pronounced SHA-ON
Me: Young Gerald (all the way from da Bay Area) slid into Virginia, ally, Jessica, Jessie's DM's all last night.
Oliver: He has been a true Shaan lately.
by ('-') March 10, 2016
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Likely straight
Shaan is funny and willing to help out when he has the chance. He likes to tease people and may swear often. Even so, his intentions are good, and he will try his best to make others happy. He can make friends easily and cracks jokes to lighten the mood of serious situations. He might not be the smartest, but that doesn't really bother him. Socializing with friends is more of his style. It might not seem like a thing, especially for him, but he has some hidden insecurities. He's likely popular with people around him, and many girls are into him, even though he's probably already taken.

May have dark hair and dark eyes. Likes to wear hoodies and is most likely a weeb.
Elizabeth: Who is he? He's cool.
Lucy: That's Shaan.
Elizabeth: I hope I can talk to him. Maybe we can be friends. Or something more.
Lucy: Not if I talk to him first.
by angelikwi February 13, 2021
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nice probably says damn a lot and is a good person
"Shaan is lame"
by FORGOR November 30, 2021
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