Short for ”had to”.

Hadda is the past tense form of gotta.
I hadda buy it. (I had to buy it.)
He hadda go. (He had to go.)
by Mairo9412 September 22, 2018
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(had'da), adj. A female who is known to have multiple sex parters; slut, whore, ho'.
I wouldn't sleep with that chick if i were you. Why not ? Because she's a hadda , "A LOTTA GUYS HADDA".
by jckfrst August 17, 2010
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Police or cop
A call devised to inform others that police are in the area
by r731509 December 27, 2010
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the purest and most rawest form of bullshit.
Maddie: Remember that day I had an eye infection and I kept squinting with my right eye? Well, he thought I winked at him and because of that, he considered us a couple and when I politely turned down his offer to go get some coffee with him and his mother, he told everyone I was a racist lesbian.
Kyrstin: That is straight hadda shmeal.
by thetinwomen February 16, 2011
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An old-fashioned congratulatory expression synonymous with "way to go" or "good job!"
Grandpa saw my report card on the fridge and said "hadda go grandson!"
by number1grandson June 09, 2011
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Its means, like fully, or tottally, in kuwaiti slang, made it up in a clumsy way when i couldnt explain what i wanted to tell my friends...
its close to the english phrase "like tottally" but with more enthusiasim and its in kuwaiti slang
A: this club is so full!

B: Like "7adda" - "Hadda"

A: this is so funny!
B: Like "7adda" - "Hadda"
by Salman Al-K. July 14, 2009
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