I could see from the outline of his jacket he was carrying a been-shooter.
by talk2me-JCH2 July 26, 2022
Another ghetto way of saying I already knew or I've known for quite a while
"I 've been fucking John"
"Bitch I 've been knew"
by Stellathedon February 12, 2016
One who used to be famous/popular, but isn't anymore. Used to descride singers, dancers, supermodels, etc.
Most Hollywood has-beens are often seen on late-night TV, hawking cheap products that break 0.000000000000000000005 seconds after you get them.
by Shawn B. May 22, 2003
The future tense of Has-been; a celebrity who is destined to become someone who "used to be famous".
Demi Lovato is the latest "will-have-been" to come out of the Disney machine, like the Zack and Cody twins and Miley Cyrus.
by JRadimus December 26, 2008
slang for “it’s been a long time” or “been a while
friend: “I haven’t seen you in so long
me: “I know!!! it’s been a min”
by hyasin January 17, 2018
A fat Mexican guy whom is lazy and makes promises that he never keeps.
"Hey, did Austin ever give you the ten dollars that he owes you?"

"No. You can't trust that guy. He's a total Been Guanpedo."
by Mikehuntisbeautiful November 15, 2014
An expression used to say that one has been in the situation or experienced that which another is talking about. It is usually a negative scenario that is being discussed.
1: Damn, I forgot my homework at my house!
2: Been there, done that.
by JoMan112 January 28, 2011