It’s been a while. This sentence compensates for any mistakes made doing the job
Just after Jon blows Sean's head off with the fully tensioned spring he mumbles "it's been a while"
by Go-on-lad September 29, 2018
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Refers to a person who has not had sex for a while. Often resulting in over masturbation and a flacid penis. If the individual persits in not getting laid symptoms can progress to homoeroticism, wrist cramps and desperation. (that may lead to sex with becca ahhhhh!!)
See the MATT CLARK Story for further details
by Sven Svenson January 5, 2004
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Another way of saying "I need a favor" or "I need to borrow something".
Person 1: "Hey, it's been a while. How are you?"
Person 2: "What do you want from me this time?"
by Fresh Timbs November 11, 2018
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