Been a fan is Nicki Minaj's term for a common ass hater that seems to know everything about you as a person but claims to dislike you
Oh Ebone's hatin' on me? Bitch been a fan!
by goodgirlgonebad November 24, 2010
An alter ego of Kuniva, aka Von Carlisle, a member of the hip hop group Dirty Dozen, originating from Detroit, Michigan.

Rondell Beene can be described as a boisterous, brash, yet somewhat collected public menace, in and out of the music industry and the streets, capable of survival by any means necessary. Don't play dumb with Rondell. He is a self-proclaimed 'pimp of all pimps'. He knows his way in and out of a sanitarium, and has helped shape the fundamentals of pimpin. A potential adversary not easy to trifle with, with a penchant for blasting security guards, and holding individuals hostage, and if not then at least prisoner. Sometimes, he may accidentally kill said hostage.

Rondell Beene has been featured on a handful of recordings spanning most of Dirty Dozen's members' solo albums, as well as albums released collectively under Dirty Dozen.

Kuniva also has another alter-ego, Hannz G. Whether the two are related is currently unknown by this writer. other news, public Detroit menace Rondell Beene has arrived on the motha' fuckin' scene...
by TRWoof August 14, 2018
When one or more swaggerlicous items is in ones possesion the owner of said items, such owner may then declare his or her items to be "been had"
Graham "you have so much water"
Scott "fool i been had water swag" fist bump " i got pool water, bath water, tap water, bottled water, spring water and frozen water"
by slizzardhilgs January 9, 2011
1. a person who is no longer famous

2. no longer famous
That has-been will never live to dance again.
by Light Joker April 13, 2005
It's been a good time, now it's time to go
Man, I had a blast with the fam! I will catch y'all later it's been one!
by naturallyRonnie February 15, 2015
Term used to describe a dead human being.
Archaeologist 1: What does it look like?
Gerontologist: A human been
Rheologist: Oh yeah. There's the stone it was carrying when it was crushed.
Ghost: Yep - he Took The Top Escalator
by digital.sam September 28, 2009