When you have a Mexican party to go to and you forgot the guacamole; in metaphor - You forgot how important it was and you're probably about to get chewed out for that shit
by Nottobetakenserious March 06, 2016
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A phrase used to mock someone when they say a joke or something they think is absolutely hilarious, but everyone else thinks it's retarded. Sarcasm in its most extreme form.
Chad: "Okay, okay. A Care Bear and a ninja got in a fight. Who one?"
Me: "The ninja."
Chad: "No. The Care Bear. You see, it had just eaten an eighteen inch burrito, and it farted. The stank smell killed the ninja! HA HA HA HA HA HA HAAA!!!" *more annoying laughter continues*
Me: "Wow Chad! That was so funny I forgot to laugh!"
by Carrera's Wedge April 12, 2007
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After Dropping the Cosbys at the pool, to have to return to continue the act of doing so.
Man it wasnt enough... I forgot to drop off Theo!!! *runs to bathroom*
by AndyTheManAlexis April 03, 2004
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It's a webcomic. One day, a neurotic artist decided to create a stick figure comic. Then God said, LET THERE BE CHARACTERS, and appeared Suds, a cynical drinking sarcastic smartass; Perry, a shy guy lost in his thoughts; and Avital, the dumb creator herself. Together, they will overcome horrifying obstacles. Like CVS.
"Hey man, have you ever heard of So Funny I Forgot To Laugh?"
"No, what the hell's that?"
"We're over."
by it is, like, SOOOO not Avital October 31, 2011
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Forget something? Well, most likely, what you're trying to search is something you just heard or read a few seconds to a few hours ago. I'd start by backtracking on what you've done or been involved in. Hope this helps!
"Help! I forgot what I wanted to search!"

1. What's the last article/page you were on?
2. What site was it?
3. What was your last converstion about?
4. Where were you last?/Where were you going?
by The Quiz-Trivian-Naire October 25, 2013
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