3 definitions by Mikehuntisbeautiful

A fat Mexican guy whom is lazy and makes promises that he never keeps.
"Hey, did Austin ever give you the ten dollars that he owes you?"

"No. You can't trust that guy. He's a total Been Guanpedo."
by Mikehuntisbeautiful November 15, 2014
When somebody who used to be very outgoing and talented becomes very dull and boring.
Mike: Hey, what happened to Josh? He used to be so much fun!
Grant: I know. Ever since Lucy broke up with him he's never been the same. She totally Tom Greened him.
by Mikehuntisbeautiful March 1, 2015
In other words, Dextromethorphan. It is the best drug ever created.
Mike: "Dude, let's go trip on some DXM!"
Chad: "Fuck yeah!"
by Mikehuntisbeautiful April 4, 2015