195 definitions by Shawn B.

It dies with each word we speak...
by Shawn B. October 9, 2003
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Look at her, lording it up in that ersatz Gucci outfit...she makes me so sick.
by Shawn B. June 4, 2003
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An art site that proves stick figures DO count as art. One of the coolest sites that ever had anything to do with stick figures.
I go to explodingdog.com every day to see if they have new pics up.
by Shawn B. April 15, 2003
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For straight women (okay, fine, as well as gay men and bisexuals who can't make up their minds yet)dudes with big pecs or butts or whatever you like in dudes.
I never see eye candy at Wisconsin Dells because a lot of the dudes there have moobs and they're too old/pale.
by Shawn B. May 1, 2003
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To giggle in an immature but barely audible fashion at something.
As Prissy McStuffshirt strode across the cafeteria with blood-stained toilet paper stuck to her shoe, Ivy and Marie could do nothing but sniggle and point.
by Shawn B. November 28, 2003
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The hot pec dude from the Guilty Gear series.
I like Sol just as much as RatchetBoo like Hayato Kanzaki
by Shawn B. June 11, 2003
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