195 definitions by Shawn B.

Ja Rule and The Parrot of R&B make a good couple because both of them make lame music....if you can call the latter's trite BS 'music'!
by Shawn B. August 10, 2003
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Phrase shouted when all does NOT go as planned, or when the subject is feeling extreme dismay.
A- Oh,crap! the computer's dead! And I forgot to save my term paper...the one that's due in six hours! NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

B- RatchetBoo: Uhhhhhh...Shawn, I've got bad news. Remember that school that's been begging you to go there? They put this in your bed...
*gives me the head of a saluki dog*

by Shawn B. June 1, 2003
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An ugly bra found in stores; usually found in sizes 36DDD and up.
The fat girl in my gym class gets stuck wearing dead jellyfish, while the thinner girls wear normal bras.
by Shawn B. April 9, 2003
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Very useful signal that is typed when one pushes Shift and 6. It has many uses, some of which include:
1- An eye for the following emoticons: ^_^ and ^*^

2- A caret (symbol denoting that something is to be inserted somewhere)

3- Upwards arrow

4- Showing exponents (7^.5597)

5. Goes over random letters (usually vowels) in the French, German, and Hungarian languages (aka the circumflex)
by Shawn B. October 20, 2003
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The best frikkin day of the entire school year; it symbolizes 3 months of freedom from idiot classmates, homework, and crackmonkey security guards.
Everybody can enjoy the last day of school, from little preschoolers to collegs students.
by Shawn B. June 2, 2003
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Can be said about someone seriously lacking brain activity.
Me- You'll never believe what Lil Kurt did today!
Evil Tim- What did he do? Did he try to marry a donkey again?
Me- No, it's even more idiotic than that... the boy tried to launch himself into orbit by supergluing some Roman Candles to his butt! He's in the hospital now for severe rectal burns.
Evil Tim- Man, he's dumber than a sack of dirty underwear...
by Shawn B. September 21, 2003
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One of the best things to hit Cartoon Network's Toonami block in quite a while... they could have used more of the other series' Gundams, though.
SD Gundam runs circles around Totally Spies!
by Shawn B. October 2, 2003
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