A pretty down to earth and cool guy. He always has a deep voice and is very supportive. He puts up with more crap than he should, but it's because he has a big heart. He is very intelligent, and always seems to come up with solutions to most problems. He is a hard worker and a great provider. He is very dependable and you can always count on him. If you meet a Bradley, feel free to talk to him. If you're a lovely woman with a lovely attitude and personality, feel free to date/marry him. He never cheats, is very loyal, and deserves the best in life. He is like a light skin Idris Elba, but with a deeper voice, a prettier face, and a lighter complexion. If you see a Bradley, show him some love, and he will return it tenfold. If you treat him right, he will always be there for you to love and support you. If you treat him wrong, he will leave.
I met a Bradley today, I think I'm in love!!!
by inlovewithbradley March 21, 2019
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Bradley is a sweet and very cute guy that is the underlying wild child of their group of friends!

Women flock to Bradley because he has a charming personality plus he's not a fake and he's a sweetheart underneath! He loves the ladies but secretly wants that one special soulmate to be loyal too!

He's a loving dad, brother and son and craves the family life!

Bradley is a keeper for real!
"Tell Bradley to come on and leave those ladies alone!"
by cheLLe1963 September 5, 2020
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The person that will make your life shine brighter in so many ways. A great boyfriend!!! He’s wroth every minute of waiting to talk to him when he’s busy. He’s perfection inside and out. I couldn’t say enough to express my thanks for him.
My boyfriend is a Bradley. That’s how I know I’ve met the perfect guy!!!
by SomeoneSecret225577 August 20, 2018
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The definition of perfection, the most amazing and sweetest guy in the universe. Greatest boyfriend that can turn anyones day around just with his stunning smile. Someone you just can't live without
Friend: "I wish I could have a romance like the ones in the movies, I just need to find myself a Bradley."
by Krissypoo August 31, 2014
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Someone typically named Bradley, is someone who is loving, kind, and won’t leave your side. Someone who will love you unconditionally, someone who will not judge you for randomness you may do. If you have a bradley in your life. Keep him. Usually a Bradley has blonde hair, sometimes brown. They seem shy at first but once you get to know them they open up. WE STAN A BRADLEY!
O m g. Bradley is SO amazing, I love him.
by FreshhAvocadoo December 11, 2018
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Bradley, also known as Brad or Bradlee. A boy with a beautiful heart, soul and mind. One of a kind person who i hope to meet more of like the Brad in my life.

Man, did you see Brads butt today? mhm, i want a piece of that
Bradley L can be a person and or object
by Goodjugslady April 4, 2019
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A mothafucka with a small booty but large eggplant. He will usually give it from behind as he finds it more pleasing
Ayy ni🅱️🅱️a you finna get bradley'd
by Wowen alt 1895 October 23, 2018
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